Thursday, April 23, 2015

Test of my conviction

I had to look twice or thrice when i checked my stock portfolio at COL today. I'm seeing MOSTLY RED in my account! Wait, what? Even my prime blue chips are in the red? I was so used to  just seeing 1 or 2 of my basura stocks plunging. But in the last few days my entire portfolio is in that deep, pathetic bloody color. Is the dreaded market correction finally here?

Of course don't trust me on that. I am a newbie stock market investor, just got in last September! That's why i get so jittery whenever I log in to my COL account these days. Hhmmm i need to relax and think this through. I have to look at the bigger picture.

Before i decided to enter the stock market, i did my fair share of research to know what exactly i am getting my money into. I am still learning, by the way. And clearly, the test of my conviction has come. Is it time to sell or buy? How strong is my appetite for risk? From what i learned from those stock investing seminars, this downward trend is just normal. As the speaker coldly puts it, "What goes up, must come down!". Yeah... i am trying to chill right now. This is all part of the cycle... ladida.... i am actually grinning as i a humming.

I consider myself a long term investor! So may be this downward plunge is a good thing, It's time to buy more stocks now. Imagine buying your dream stocks at a big discount. That could be a great idea now..... If only i have the extra money.

If you were like me who had the entered the market during those successive all time highs, then may be it's time to buy more stocks that were so expensive then. With the same amount you can get more of shares of your trusted company. This is when the cost averaging method works.

I'm trying to get to my financial zen state. Keep calm and just move forward.  As a financial expert once said, those losses you see on the portfolio are just paper losses. They just become actual losses when you finally sell.  So if i don't need the money just yet, why not just stay. In the long run, we can survive this plunge.


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